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Dojang Etiquette

As you become a member of the Dojang, you will begin to see the importance of the proper etiquette to the process of training. The Dojang (the training area) is a very special place, unlike any other. Not only are the standards of behavior high, but the rules of conduct are different as well. For example, in the Dojang, we bow to our instructors, colleagues and friends, rather than merely shake their hands of wave. Respect for each other is not only valued, but its demonstration is also insisted upon. Below is a list of basic rules to be followed inside the Dojang:

  1. Senior grades introduce yourselves to fellow new students who you do not know and make them feel welcome
  2. Always wear a clean and ironed dobok (or other approved uniform)
  3. Ensure you have clean hands and feet and short nails
  4. Strictly no jewellery is allowed - necklaces, earrings, etc
  5. Mobile phones must be turned off before entry into the dojang. Ensure family / friends have the coach's phone numbers in case of emergency
  6. Regular sports shoes may be worn on the training area
  7. Please ensure you bring a towel and sufficient water / drink to all your classes
  8. No profanity will be tolerated in the dojang
  9. Do not handle another person's possessions without their permission
  10. Be ready for your class at least 5 minutes before it is due to start
  11. Make sure you bring all necessary equipment to each class
  12. Bow upon to entry and exit from the dojang (the dojang is a sacred place, please treat it as such)
  13. Quietly prepare for your class
  14. If there is a class in progress, please be courteous and do not talk unless it is essential
  15. Instructors will be called by their respective teaching title of 'SABOM'. If it is required to address an instructor personally, then their first name follows Sabom'
  16. When in the dojang proper respect and discipline must be maintained at all times
  17. Enter each class with spirit and energy for learning
  18. If you arrive late or must leave early, first receive recognition from your instructor
  19. If you have to leave the dojang / training area for any reason during the class, approach the instructor and ask for permission. Never just leave the training area
  20. Bow onto the training area
  21. Form off quietly and swiftly. Students line up according to rank or height
  22. Class will be bowed off and you may be asked to recite the tenets of Taekwondo or the Student Creed
  23. Remain calm and focused. Carry out the directives of the Instructor promptly. Do not keep the rest of the class waiting for you
  24. Control any fear, anger or aggression
  25. Use the skills you learn positively
  26. No student is permitted to intentionally strike another
  27. If for any reason you need to stop please approach your Instructor
  28. Work hard and encourage your team mates to work hard as well
  29. At the end of the class please wait until your instructor bows off the class before leaving the mat / training area
  30. Before leaving the training area / dojang please clean it up. Put away any equipment left out, returning the dojang to its naturally neat state
  31. Do not give a demonstration or teach taekwondo without the approval of your instructor
  32. No student may test for promotion if behind on lessons or payment Payments should be made promptly and on time to your instructor
  33. All testing fees should be paid one week prior to the testing date
  34. Now if you have any questions or queries, please approach an instructor